How EXACTLY does skin cancer kill?

  1. Although I hear of different kinds of cancers daily, I dont know exactly what happens to the body if it goes untreated. Id like to know, specifically for skin cancer, what happens to the body that leads to death. Why EXACTLY do people die from skin cancer? What symptoms and side effects do people suffer from when they have skin cancer? Surely they dont just have a place on their skin that worsens over time, and then all of a sudden they die one day. I mean, do they get ill; like with fever, nausea, etc.? What happens exactly?

    Answer by Charles L
    In some what that is right as far as the spreading but just like any cancer, it goes through stages and stage IV is the most deadly being it attacks other organs.

    The skin is also the most sensitive of the human body since it is our protective layer from the outside.

    I would believe the disease spreads more quickly due to the fact that the flesh covers the human body.

  2. Skin cancer runs in my family and I just noticed a mole on my arm change and become weird and irregular. I also have been very nauseous the past few weeks or so. Could there be any correlation at all? Ive looked on a lot of different sites and it doesnt say anything about it. I do plan to get it checked, but my appointment isnt for a while.

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    No, but sometimes? Which one is it?

    Answer by Mohammad
    No, But Sometimes.

  3. Just curious. I always hear about and have know people who died from skin cancer, but they were going through treatment. How long would it take for skin cancer to kill someone if they had no treatment? I know everyone is different, but what would be an estimate. And what symptoms would they show?

    Answer by Mr. Sunshine
    Melanoma, less than a year. Other skin cancers multiple years.

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